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Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Open-Access Article | Github

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Open-Access Article | Preprint & OSF

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Article | Preprint | OSF | All Things Cognition Podcast

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Open-Access Article | Github

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Article | Preprint | OSF | Shiny Application | In the news | APA Editors' Choice Article

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Preprint | Article

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Open-Access Article

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Article | Preprint

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Article | Accepted Preprint

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Article | Accepted Preprint

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Open-Access Article

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Article | Accepted Preprint

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Open-Access Article

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Open-Access Article

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Open-Access Article

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Open-Access Article

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Open-Access Article | R package | Blog post

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Open-Access Article | The Macroscope

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Open-Access Article | KU Press Release

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Open-Access Article

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Article | Popular press article

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Article | KU ScholarWorks

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Open-Access Article | KU Press Release | Contribute your speech errors here!

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Open-Access Article | OSF

Other Publications

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Open-Access Article

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